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(As Vast as the Universe;as Deep as the Ocean)

(The Universe is sometime end, but my faithful vows of benefiting all sentient beings are endless forever.)
菩薩道中、甚深見與廣大行的結合:龍樹菩薩的《菩提資糧論》內容已上傳 YouTube!

The Combination of Profound View and the Vast Action through the Bodhisattva Path : Bodhisattva Nagarjuna’s Commentary on “The Increasing Merits of the Enlightened Practices.” is on YouTube!

2007年至2011年,心宏法師於新加坡、海印古寺講授龍樹菩薩的《菩提資糧論》,內容已上傳 YouTube!蓮友可以點選 https://goo.gl/CXFDkL 觀看。

From 2007 to 2011, the dharma teaching of 《Bodhisattva Nagarjuna’s Commentary on “The Increasing Merits of the Enlightened Practices.”》given by Master Shinhong at Hai Inn Temple in Singapore, is on YouTube now.
Please clicke here https://goo.gl/CXFDkL to watch on YouTube.

◎ 演講內容之主要重點:
一、一切修行的根本:「心」是三傳 (南傳、北傳、藏傳)教法實踐的下手處。

◎ The Concise Summary of the Lecture Contents:
1. The root of all practices: “Mindfulness” is the root of all practices (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism).
2. Complete practices for yourself and others:The practices for yourself and others are according to two universal vows, “to eradicate countless earthly desires” and “to master immeasurable Buddhist teachings”. We diligently practice it not only in this life but also in future life.
3. The significance of the stages of enlightenment: For example, “Six Perfections (Prajna-paramita)” and “Ten Stages (Dasa-bhumi)” are the key issues in Mahayana Buddhism.
4. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna’s history and writings
5. The foundational conditions of generating Bodhicitta and engaging into the Six Perfections as well as the countless actions.


Ven. Shinhong Shih will preach various dharma-talk from Mar. to Jun. in 2017 at Le-Go Auditorium of Yuan Kuang Ch'an Monastery, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

◎ 華語主講者:釋心宏法師

◎ 日期與時間:
3月3日 ~ 6月30日,每週五下午 02:30 ~ 05:30 pm

◎ 主辦單位 & 演講地點:
網站 : http://www.ykcm.tw/ac/actions-data.php?id=663
地址 : 桃園市平鎮區環南路488號
電話 : +8863-494-0258

◎ Mandarin Lecturer:
Ven. Shinhong Shih (Speaking in the Chinese Language)

◎ Date & Time:
3rd Mar.(Fri.) ~ 30th Jun.(Fri.) 2017, 14:30 ~ 17:30 pm, Half hour for the break

◎ Organizer & Place:
Le-Go Auditorium of Yuan Kuang Ch'an Monastery
Website : http://www.ykcm.tw/ac/actions-data.php?id=663
Add. : No.448, Huannan Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : +8863-494-0258

2017 廣修供養-光明燈

Universal Offering - Lamp of continuous Light in 2017


精舍光明燈牆,每盞長明燈每年的費用為新台幣3000元整,國外匯款者含收款銀行手續費約美金110元或新幣150元 (每年年底將重新登記),燈面有觀世音菩薩、阿彌陀佛、以及地藏菩薩,三種佛菩薩像可以選擇。您可以在每個燈座底下,寫上兩個家族的名字(例如:陳XX+林XX閤家)。

The Lamps-wall of Continuous Light at SBA takes NTD 3000 per lamp for one year, and registers a new one at the end of every year. For foreign remittance, included receiver bank's charges, it takes USD 110 (or SGD 150) per lamp for one year.
There are photos of Bodhisattva Kuan-Yin, Buddha Amitabha and Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha in front of lamp for your choice. It is available for you to have two names as beneficiary clans, for example, Family Chen and Family Lin, for one lamp.

《施燈功德經》中記載:「在佛塔、佛殿或佛堂布施明燈的人,可以得到得到下面四種可樂的福德:相貌莊嚴、資財充足、有大善根、有大智慧。得到四種清淨:身業清淨、口業清淨、意業清淨、善友清淨。」 佛前供燈可分成兩種:一是修法或誦經禮拜,放置在佛前燃燒的油燈,例如酥油燈;另一種是「長明燈」(又名「無盡燈」),這是不分晝夜、保持恆常光明的。現今一般佛寺所點的光明燈,就是屬於「長明燈」。

According to “Sutra of Merit and Virtue of Offering of Lamp”, it has various statements about the merit and virtue of offering lamp. “If one offers lamp in front of Stupa or Buddha Hall, one will have four kinds of Joyous Virtue : Adorn outlook, always fill with wealth and fortune, have great good roots, and have great wisdom. One will have four kinds of purity : purity in Body, purity in Mouth, purity in mind, and purity in decent companion as well.” There are two kinds of offering lamp in front of Bhddha : One is a shortening oil lamp in praticing Dharma, reciting Sutra or worshipping Buddha, and the other is a lamp of continuous light, known as endless lamp, which lights up day and night.


□ 台灣帳戶 1 (Taiwan Account #1):
(Note : This post office account can *only* be used in Taiwan )

□ 台灣帳戶 2 (Taiwan Account #2):
戶名: 盛崑宏
台幣活期儲蓄存款帳戶 : 169147118811
外幣存款美金帳戶 : 200147118811
外幣存款新加坡幣帳戶: 208147118813
外幣存款歐元帳戶 : 201147118815
外幣存款日幣帳戶 : 203147118813
外幣存款港幣帳戶 : 202147118819
外幣存款人民幣帳戶 : 214147118812
外幣存款英磅帳戶 : 204147118817
銀行: 大眾銀行仁愛簡易型分行
地址: 台北市仁愛路二段47號1樓
電話: +8862-2341-8822

Account Name: Sheng, Kun-Hung
TWD Savings Deposit Account No: 169147118811
Foreign Currency USD Account No: 200147118811
Foreign Currency SGD Account No: 208147118813
Foreign Currency EUR Account No: 201147118815
Foreign Currency JPY Account No: 203147118813
Foreign Currency HKD Account No: 202147118819
Foreign Currency RMB Account No: 214147118812
Foreign Currency GBP Account No: 204147118817
Bank & Branch: Ta Chong Bank, Ltd., Renai Simple Branch
Address: No. 47, Sec. 2, Renai Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan (note: 100 is a posted code)
Swift Address: OURBTWTP
Tel: +8862-2341-8822

□ 新加坡帳戶3 (Singapore Account #3):
1) For anyone transferring monies to this Singapore account via swift address, the information:
a) To receive funds (foreign currencies other than USD) from an overseas party to this Singapore account:
Account Name: SHENG, KUN-HUNG
Account No.: 137-54272-2
Bank: DBS Bank
Address: 6 Shenton way, DBS buildings, Singapore 068809
Swift Address: DBSSSGSG
CHIPS UID Number: 034675
or Telex Number: RS24455
b) To receive funds in USD from an overseas party to this Singapore account, addtional informaiton will be required as follows:
Account Name: SHENG, KUN-HUNG
Account No.: 137-54272-2
Pay to: Bank of New York Mellon, New York (Swift Address: IRVTUS3N)
FED ABA: 021000018
For account of: DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore (Swift address: DBSSSGSG)

2) For anyone transferring monies to this Singapore account via either DBS or POSB ATM, the information should be as such:
Account Name: SHENG, KUN-HUNG
Account No.: 137-54272-2 (POSB Savings Account)


After your donation, please notify SBA (email or fax) of your name, amount, numbers of lamp, beneficiary and photo which you prefer.

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電子信箱 : sbaweb.org@gmail.com

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